Chocolate 100% signed by you
With our customized solutions, you may create your chocolate product defining:

It is possible to create any shape and size. (size, embossing, etc ..)
It is possible to choose between 3 basic flavours (white, dark, milk)
There are many ingredients by which it is possible customize your chocolate product.
A sign, a logo, etc. printed on the surface of the chocolate
We may create for you the pack of your chocolate gadgets, from design to production

Shipping and storage
On request, we take care of shipping to your customers and if necessary we give you a storage service for your products.
Valuable Information
Variants and solutions are many and it is difficult to quantify the necessary investment in advance.
Here below, we answer the most frequently questions

What is the minimum order?
A minimum order for a customized product starts from at least 150/200 pieces.
May I change flavours of chocolate?
Yes. It is possible to create chocolate bars with different flavour.
What is the delivery time?
Delivery time for customized packaging and chocolate production is about 4 weeks (not including the graphic design).
Is it possible the resale of products with my own brand?
Yes. It is possible to resell our products by customized and applying your own brand.

Some Examples