100% Swissness in your country
Take part at the MySwissChoco’s idea; you have the chance to start a one-of-a-kind business 100% Swiss, by our formula “Master Franchisee” or "Franchisee".

MySwissChoco grants the following forms of cooperation.
  • The possibility of becoming Master Franchisee and commercialize our concept trough franchisee's.
  • The opportunity to open a direct shop, as a direct franchisee with a contract with the parent company.
Why MySwissChoco.com?
  • Business system; unique and 100% Swiss.
  • Every single product is handmade and one-of-a-kind.
  • Consolidated buisness concept and structure.
  • Wide range of products: from chocolate to ice cream to coffee until the Snack and gadgets typically "Swiss".
  • Complete training and assistance by the parent company.
  • Different sales systems: Shop, BtoB solutions, Events.
  • MySwissChoco concept does not follow trends of the moment or short-slasting.
Why MySwissChoco does not have a own shop in Switzerland?
The main reasons why we have not opened a direct shop in Switzerland are dictated by the following reasons:
  • The brand name “Switzerland” is mostly appreciated abroad.
  • The possibility for foreign customers to taste a high quality Swiss chocolate and at the same time to be able to customize the product, creates an additional and important benefit of our USP brand.
  • The confirmation that our concept is well received abroad is an additional guarantee that the format can be easily replicable in other countries; in this case a feedback can be also created by all customers around the world.
  • In Switzerland, there are many stores that sell chocolate; even if our concept is unique, the differentiation becomes harder in our country and with a less media impact.
Business field

Shop Formula
Starting from 40 smq and Shop-inShop

Services and products offered to businesses and commercial clients.
Customized products and packs.
Supplying for new MySwissChoco retail shop.

Our offer
  • Complete training, knowledge and assistance (Products, recipes, knowledge, equimpent, etc..)
  • Partial adaptation of products to local traditions and customs
  • POS design and technical assistance
  • Continuous support (contracts, information technology, products, etc. ..)
  • Marketing support
  • Operating manual
Candidate Profile
  • Optimal knowledge of region and area of develop (Traditions, custom, etc. ..)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and attitude
  • Basic know-how (directly and/or through collaborators) in the confectionery sector
  • Knowledge of English language
  • Economic stability

MySwissChoco.com Start:
September 2009

First retail shop:
07 December 2012 (Brazil-SaoPaulo)

4 Shopping Store

The data are referred to a basic information. It is important to check the notes.

Montly POS Turnover: From USD 47.000.- (40sqm)*
POS. Ranges from USD 95.000 to USD 190.000.- **
Container Shop. USD 195.000.-
Enrtry Fee's: ***
Single Shop - From USD 48.500.-
Master - From USD 130.000.-
Container Shop - From USD 17.500.-

* The monthly turnover has been calculated in the period from January to February on a POS of 40 sqm with direct production in a Lab.
** The approximate investment refer to a POS of 40mq. with direct production in a Lab (20mq. min.).
It is depending on the size of the local. Rooms restructuring costs are excluded.
*** The investment will be calculated considering the franchising formula (Master and / or franchisees) as well as market potential and the POS size.

Those data are to be subject to changes and to be intended here as a base information.

Here is an extract of the most frequent questions. For other questions, please contact us. We are available on: info@myswisschoco.com

About us

Why do not you open your own POS in Switzerland?
Our concept has a better impression abroad and a higher market interest  than Switzerland. (see also Franchise)
When did you start your business?
The parent house is 100% Swiss?

Master Franchisee

Do I get the exclusive rights for an entire country/region and/or city?
This basically depends on concerned territory. A trial period will be considered (ranging from 6 months to 1 year).
Do I need experience in the food industry as a Master franchisee?
It is not directly necessary, but it is required to have a manager within the team who has expertise in the retail food sector and a pastry chef with a small knowledge on chocolate.
Is it provided a training?
Yes. it is provided a training on:  POS management,  use of equipment and knowledge of  production.
At the beginning of the trial period for a country or area, am I allowed to open more stores at the same time?
No. First of all it is prompted to open a shop for a trial period, usually ranging from 6months to 1year, and then will be considered this kind of request.
As a Master, could I open other stores in Franchising?
Yes, based on a formula of Sub-Franchisee.
What about the training in the Sub-Franchisee formula?
The training is guaranteed by the Master franchisee with our supervision.
How long does the Master Franchisee contract last?
After a trial period ranging from 6 months up to 1 year, the contract has an average duration of 10 years.
May I check the Master Agreement?
Yes indeed. In the negotiation phase, a draft of Master Agreement in English will be shown.


May I open just 1 POS?
Yes, but it much depends on the town, the country and the market possibilities in the place where you want to open the POS.

Retail shop.

What are the characteristics of the store?
The products are handmade with high-quality row material.
The shop-size must start from a min. approx 40/50 sqm plus 20 sqm of lab.
Location: Malls with middle/high business target, prestigious location with high turnout.
Are you able to provide a full with the point of sale "turnkey"?
Yes, we can provide a complete furnished shop and a complete equipped lab. Together with the licensee, we may evaluated a different solution with local suppliers in case of customs duties or very competitive prices of supply, etc...
What is the time opening of a POS?
We have considered about 4-5 months’ time from the confirmation, but this depending on the country/city.
Do we have to produce all items of the assortment?
Basically yes. It must be evaluated which products have been successful and which ones need to be reviewed or removed from the range.
May I autonomously choose and define the shop location?
No. The location must be approved by the MySwissChoco head office.

Sales Channels

May I open a shop without a lab of production?
Yes, but just if nearby (min. 20km) there is a MyswissChoco lab who can supply the shop.
Why the lab should be inside the POS?
Our strong points are  the handmade product and the creation of products in view. Therefore the "chocolate lab" is essential to underline these points to the customer.
I have seen that there is a company with a similar name "MySwissChocolate.com". Are you are part of the same business?
No. They are two different structures. We started in September 2009 with our business activity. They started few months after, at April 2010.


How many  products does the MySwissChoco has on assortment?
. Customized chocolate products (customers can decide size, flavors and ingredients)
. Chocolate bars and various standard formats
. Chocolate products related to national holidays (Valentine's day, Mother's day, etc..)
. Chocolate covered fruit
. Chocolate gifts (Ichoco, Puzzles, lollipop, etc..)
. Ice Cream (Cups and Takeaway)
. Italian-Coffee (Espresso, Capuccino, etc..)
. Chocolate Cotton Candy
. Cackes
. BtoB Produtcs (Customized chocolate for enterprise)
. Chocolate Creams
. Crepes
. Muffing
. Thee
. Snacks (Paninis, salads)
. Milkshakes
. Chocolate&Wine (US Market)
. Soft drinks / Juices
. Chocolate drinks


What kind of service do I get from MySwissChoco?
Corporate identity and guidelines for institutional communication.
Open files for all communication material made by the MySwissChoco head office.
Files to realize all packs.

Website page on MySwissChoco's institutional website

Do I have to lean on an agency of communication and a PR?
Yes, but this latter must be approved by the head office. Furthermore it is necessary by this agency the knowledge of English language.
May I decide how to communicate my corporate (graphic, pack, monthly actions, decorations, etc...)?
No. Through your agency and on our directives, it may be possible to create visual concepts of communication, but these must be approved by the head office.
Are all the costs to adapt the marketing files at my expense?
Yes. We provide master files (Indesign) and the corporate.
Are all the images and photos taken by our agency my own property?
No. These belong to the whole MyswissChoco network.
The rights on images or photos that have been taken by a third part, are not at the expense of neither the licensee nor its parent company.
The licensee must agree this point with his own PR agency, journalists, etc...
Must the lincensee conduct a market analysis on the concerned area of development?
Yes, it is necessary to know all the possibilities of develop a market of an area. MySwissChoco do not provide this service.


How much is the turnover of a POS?
This depends on the location of the shop, the ability of the entrepreneur and the cooperation between head office and affiliate.
The average turnover could be calculate from USD 45.000 per month on a shop of approx 40/50 sqm plus 20 sqm of lab.
How much does a POS cost?
Depending on the size and on the formula:
From USD 95.000.- to USD 190.000. for the retail shop, and USD 180.000. for the Container. (see finance).
Entry fee are: From USD 17.500. for our container; from USD 48.500. for a single Shop/Franchisee's and from USD 130'000. for a Master.
The latter depends on the purchasing power and on population density of the concerned country or area. Prices may be reviewed depending on those conditions.
Do those costs include raw materials, marketing materials, etc. ..?
Do you offer financing systems and/or leasing?
Not directly, but we can certainly provide data for a request of financing and/or leasing.